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Cowboys & Indians Magazine :: June, 2009
Fine Mexican Fare in Austin, Texas by John Mariani
Far too often my Eastern (and Southern and Northern) friends express the naïve belief that all anybody in a Texas city like Austin wants to eat is 'cue and all they want to drink is beer - an easy enough pastime to indulge in a town with Austin's huge college population. Read more »

Texas Monthly :: July, 2008
New and Noteworthy Norteño
Austinites are practically dancing on the tables now that El Chile has finally established an outpost in their neck of the woods, in the former Mesa Hills Cafe location. Read more»

The Wall Street Journal :: February, 2006
The Search for the Perfect Nacho by Raymond Sokolov
That's just what I found on the way south to Eagle Pass, at El Chile Cafe y Cantina in Austin, near the University of Texas. My guess is that this skillful kitchen, in the heart of the heart of Tex-Mex food, cooks nachos tongue-in-cheek. But they're delicious, because the ingredients are all treated with respect. Read more »

Texas Monthly :: February, 2005
Where to Eat Now by Patricia Sharpe
When in doubt, try the special. Unless you will die if you don't have your enchiladas de mole rojo or your arrachera steak with melted Chihuahua cheese, you'll thank me for this piece of advice. It's how I discovered the wonderfull beer-steamed salmon sitting atop mashed potatoes zapped witrh serrano-rosemary butter, all served in a opulent pool of roasted garlic, cumin, and cream (the filet was so cute in its banana-leaf jacket that I didn't want to undress it). And it's how I came to try the eye-rollingly delicious chile en nogada, a roasted poblano stuffed with shredded duck confit, almonds, green olives, currants, walnuts, and cilantro and encircled by a walnut cream sauce giddy with wine. I know, I know; El Chile's regular Mexican dishes are so good it's hard to pass them by. But the chefs at this cheery bungalow, co-owner Kristine Kittrell and Jeff Martinez, are putting their heart and soul into the daily specials. Humor them. Read more »

Texas Monthly :: December, 2004
Some Like it Picante: Where to Find the Best Mexican Food in Texas by Patricia Sharpe
Migas: ...in the jumping bungalow that houses El Chile, near-crunchy migas are heavy on the crisply fried tortilla strips and light on the eggs and onion; grated yellow cheese completes the picture. Read more»

Tres Leches: Is it deliriously sweet? Is it dripping with the requisite three milks (cream or whole milk plus sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk)? If the answer is yes-and it is at lively, pastel-painted El Chile-you have the best tres leches cake in the city. Read more»

Salsa: Colorful, casual El Chile's roasted-jalapeño salsa is the best in town, dark as chocolate and just the right thickness to coat a chip; while not terribly hot, it's not for wimps. Read more»

Guacamole: At El Chile, a repurposed bungalow, the cooks do a nice job with a chunky mound of impeccably fresh avocado topped with the usual fixings (tomato, cilantro, onion), all well spritzed with lime juice. Read more »

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